~ Please join LCS Fine Arts Department for our Joyful Noise Camp. Students can learn more about vocal, instrumental, and songwriting techniques while using music technology to make a JOYFUL NOISE! (psalm 100.1) ~

JOYFUL NOISE CAMP - June 4th-8th, 2018 - 9am - 3pm 

Joyful Noise Summer Camp is an opportunity for students to come sing, play instruments, write songs, explore, and create music while also learning about ~ PRAISE & WORSHIP~
This week long music intensive, will teach students to improvise, freestyle, flow, and "jam" with others as they create a "Joyful Noise" using percussion, keyboards, and music technology to glorify God. This is a perfect camp for students wanting to perform in worship/chapel/church services. Do you love singing? Interested in performing music or playing an instrument in church? How about exploring beat making and songwriting?
Then, this camp is for you! Come make a Joyful Noise, Everyone!
Family + Friends can join us for an end-of-the-week concert performance where students will showcase the      Joyful Noise they have made. Friday 2pm-3pm

Cost: $100/student


~ Please join LCS Fine Arts Department for our INSTRUMENTAL CAMP. Students can learn how to play the Ukulele and Piano Keyboard in this two-part camp. In the morning 9am-12pm, student will learn the Ukulele. In the afternoon 12pm-3pm, students can learn the Piano Keyboards. Students interested in learning BOTH Ukulele and Piano Keyboards can join us for the entire camp day 9am-3pm, while exploring instrument background.~

INSTRUMENTAL CAMP - July 9th-13th, 2018 - 9am - 3pm 

PART I: UKULELE It’s summertime and a trip to Hawaii would be amazing! But since it is so expensive, we will do the next best thing – Play the Ukulele! This fun and inexpensive instrument is easy to learn, so come develop the skills needed to play all fretted instruments by learning Hawaii's native instrument, the Ukulele. Students will also learn about scales, chords, Hawaiian songs and culture.

PART II: PIANO KEYBOARD Piano keyboard is a great starter instrument, and many kids love it so much that they never learn another instrument. Piano keyboards encourage child development, and it’s easy enough for kids as young as preschoolers to start mastering the keys. Research proves that learning a musical instrument makes kids smarter, more diligent, and overall better-rounded people. Benefits of learning the piano include:

  • Higher performance in school
  • Better understanding of STEM disciplines
  • More creative thinking
  • Increased diligence and responsibility
  • Increased concentration
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Better coordination
  • More adaptability

According to the experts, the younger kids learn the piano, the more benefits they’ll get. The piano is a good gateway instrument because it’s easy to produce music without a lot of skill, which makes kids feel accomplished and encourages them to continue learning. Before long, your child will be playing full songs and begging for more.


Cost: $60/student for either Ukulele (9am-12pm) or Piano Keyboards (12pm-3pm) or $100/student for both Ukulele and Piano Keyboards (9am-3pm).