Lighthouse is excited to distribute a school assigned iPad and case with a fully integrated keyboard! LCS is asking that every family purchase a school approved tempered glass screen protector before the iPad will be distributed to your student. The school approved options range from $8.50-$10.00 according to current Amazon Prime prices. This $10 investment could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in screen damages.  


If you prefer to purchase your student’s tempered glass through the school for $10.00 please fill out the form below to make your purchase and payment online. Purchase through the school must be done no later than July 16, 2018 to ensure delivery before the school year starts. After this date you will be responsible for purchasing a school approved tempered glass screen protector individually and bringing it and applying it to the device at distribution. 


Pre-purchase through the school has its advantages:

1.    Purchase quickly and you’re done

2.    Glass application pre-done by the school for you

3.    Less wait time at distribution


Below is a list of school approved options that you may purchase on your own:



Product Information

*Amazon Prime Price




SPARIN – Tempered Glass Screen Protector 






ANKER – Tempered Glass Screen Protector






amFilm – Tempered Glass Screen Protector






MENZO – Tempered Glass Screen Protector




We look forward to the 2018-2019 school year!